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For top-notch garage door repair and installation services in Pasadena, TX look no further than Pasadena Garage Door Repair. Our team of skilled technicians offers professional solutions at affordable rates, ensuring swift results.
Whether you're dealing with garage door opener issues or spring malfunctions, we've got you covered. Our licensed technicians address all your gate and garage door concerns, including springs, cables, and openers, with precision and efficiency.
Don't let garage door problems linger. Contact us for prompt and affordable repair and installation services tailored to your needs. Our dedicated technicians attentively listen to your concerns and provide expert recommendations for the best possible solutions.
At PGDR, we specialize in repairing extension and torsion springs for both residential and commercial garage doors, regardless of brand or type. Count on us for unmatched quality services honed by years of experience in the field.
Benefit from our extensive expertise in garage door repair and installation, ensuring quick resolution to your issues. Join our roster of satisfied customers who rely on us for dependable service whenever the need arises

What We Provides


  • Professional, All-Inclusive Garage Door Repair & Replacement
  • Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation
  • General Maintenance and Checkups
  • Gate Repair and Installation
  • Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement
  • Cables Repair & Installation
  • Roller Repair & Replacement
What we are known for
  • Complete Safety & Maintenance Checks
  • Super Quick Turnaround Time
  • Lowest Rates in The Town
  • Premium Garage Door Repair & Replacement
  • 30-60 Minutes Arrival Time
  • Honest & well experienced staff
  • Bounded, Insured & Licensed
  • Accept All Payment Methods
  • Discount Coupon For Installation
  • Same Day Repair & Installation Services
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Spring Replacement

Get in Touch for Same-Day Garage Door Spring Replacement.

When it comes to emergency torsion spring replacement, trust our team for urgent assistance. Whether you have single or multiple torsion springs, we're here to lend a hand promptly. Torsion spring systems come in various configurations, from standard residential and commercial to industrial and roll-up door springs, each with its own nuances. Rest assured, our technicians possess the expertise to replace, repair, and install them all.
Given the diversity in size and strength of torsion springs to accommodate different door sizes and weights, we carry a comprehensive selection to ensure immediate replacement of any broken springs on-site. Regardless of the type or quantity of torsion springs involved, our technicians are equipped to handle replacements efficiently. We adjust the springs precisely to ensure optimal tension for smooth door operation.
Count on our team for 7 days a week emergency spring replacement services. If a torsion spring unexpectedly snaps, don't hesitate to reach out. Our experts at Pasadena Garage Door Repair Pasadena, Texas are poised to respond swiftly, day or night.

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Opener Repair

Pasadena TX Garage Door Opener Repair

With a multitude of garage door opener brands and an array of models catering to diverse needs, the functionality of electric openers has evolved beyond mere automation. Modern technology empowers brands to produce smart openers and clickers that prioritize security, convenience, and safety.
Distinctions between residential and commercial openers are significant. Commercial openers are designed to withstand heavier doors and more frequent operation, necessitating greater strength. Common types in this category include trolley operators, along with jackshaft, slide, and hoist openers. Conversely, trolley openers are prevalent in residential settings, functioning through a motor drive system, typically chain, screw, or belt-driven.
While AC (alternating current) motors prevailed in the past, the trend is shifting towards DC (direct current) motors. DC motors align seamlessly with modern openers, often equipped with backup batteries. They have gained popularity due to their ability to facilitate smooth start and stop movements, along with quiet operation.


Recommended Garage Door Service Prices in Pasadena Texas

Zip Code Service Call & Estimate Repair Spring Replacement 7' Liftmaster Opener Install (Belt / Chain) 16x7 Garage Door Installed (25G) Clopay / Amarr / CHI
77501 Free / No Charge $130-$330 $190-$360 $595-$895 $1325 - $1625
77502 Free / No Charge $130-$330 $190-$360 $595-$895 $1325 - $1625
77503 Free / No Charge $130-$330 $190-$360 $595-$895 $1325 - $1625
77504 Free / No Charge $130-$330 $190-$360 $595-$895 $1325 - $1625
77505 Free / No Charge $130-$330 $190-$360 $595-$895 $1325 - $1625
77506 Free / No Charge $130-$330 $190-$360 $595-$895 $1325 - $1625
77507 Free / No Charge $130-$330 $190-$360 $595-$895 $1325 - $1625
77508 Free / No Charge $130-$330 $190-$360 $595-$895 $1325 - $1625
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